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Trying to file a complaint about local store


We bought a new phone today at the st.Clairsville ohio store. They charged us 30.00 to upgrade when we did not upgrade just purchased a new phone because the other one we bought in April was broken. We questioned the charge and they didn't like it. The salesperson handed us the bag with the phone box in it.  My husband asked if the phone was activated He said to turn it on in half an hour.  After looking at it in the car they didn't even put the battery in it.  For 212.36 with a extra fee of 30.00 they could at least get the phone operational.   When we returned the manager said it was their new policy so customer do not have to wait around the store so long.  I asked if we came in and just bought a phone would there be a 30.00 upgrade fee and they stated you can't just buy a phone from them.  Basically that is what we did when they did not assist us with getting the phone operational while we were there.  We have been a customer  with Verizon since it was all-tel.  Finding a place to report bad customer service has been even more frustrating.  Where should I direct further concerns?

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Re: Trying to file a complaint about local store

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¿Qué es el cargo de actualización?

You'll be charged a $30 upgrade fee if you purchase a new device at retail price or through the device payment program. 

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Re: Trying to file a complaint about local store

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Stores don't do customer service, they're there to sale. Verizon purchased equipment does have a $30 fee. What's stopping you from purchasing it elsewhere?

Verizon was never Alltel, it purchased Alltel.

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Re: Trying to file a complaint about local store

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Community Manager

We always want you to have a positive experience with Verizon Wireless. The Upgrade Fee does apply when purchasing a device on your line on any of our device agreements. We would like to take the feedback for your visit. Your order should have a location code for the store. Can you share this number with us? Let us know if you have any other details you would like to share.



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