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Treats Customers Very Poorly........


We are new customers with Verizon. Our experience has been very unsatisfactory, to say the least. We opened up this account under a contract. We have been told the entire time that we are a "cash-only" account, and cannot make payments over the phone or through the website. The last 2 billing cycles have been a nightmare. Verizon overdrew our bank account 2 months ago, which was okay with us because we could just reimburse the bank account. We spoke with customer care, they said our account was paid-in-full, and that we don't need to worry about anything. A week later, the phones were all disconnected. We called to resolve, customer care was unwilling to work with us. We paid our bill and got our phones turned back on. On the next billing cycle, the same thing happened, we were overdrafted. Although this time, we went to the store to let them know the situation. The man at the store said that we were completely wrong, and that our bill is paid in full, and we have nothing to worry about. We explained our situation again, and he refused to set up a "promise-to-pay date" and said again that we have nothing to worry about, nothing is going to get shut off. He then called customer care, and they confirmed that over the phone, that we had nothing to worry about and nothing to do further. No action was required. We gave him $100 anyways, and he said that our account is credited from overpayment. I called customer care as soon as we left, and spoke with a woman who said that the people in the store were incorrect. She said that as soon as the balance gets returned to the bank account, to call customer care and set up a promise-to-pay date as soon as possible. Well, the account balance was returned yesterday, and I called customer care this morning, and she said that the lady on the phone I spoke to previously is wrong. They cannot setup a promise to pay date. We need to pay the balance in full or we will get shut off. She also informed me that we are officially a "cash-only" account from now on. Everybody we speak to says the last person we spoke to was wrong. We are going to file a dispute with Verizon. Everybody promises us one thing, and no matter how diligently we follow the instructions, the next person says we are out of luck. As if we are ignorant or something.

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Re: Treats Customers Very Poorly........

Community Manager
Community Manager



We're sorry to learn that our experience with us has gone so poorly. We certainly didn't intend for our relationship to begin like this, so we appreciate your feedback  and want to figure out what's going on. To do this, I've sent you a Private Message. Please check your inbox and reply there.


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