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Transfer of Liability


I'm so upset today at Verizon Wireless because I spent 3 hours working with Verizon Customer Service, Eric, in efforts to transfer the liability to my personnel account from my companies account.  My company has granted me a Transfer of Liability for my current corporate cell phone number.  I've had this cell number for +10 years on Verizon Wireless through my company.

My company has given me a reference # for the Transfer of Liability (TOL) and I had this with when speaking with Eric to have the transfer of the number to my personnel account, adding another line to my account.  Eric said he did everything correctly and all I needed to do was follow the instructions  / link on an email he was to send me.  I gave him my personal email address and he said he sent it to this email address.  But he sent it to another email address on the account which was disabled. 

Now Verizon says I need to have another TOL release from my company to process the TOL.  It took my company 4 days to process the TOL following all of the approval process.

Verizon needs to fix this without me having to go back to my company to get another TOL completed.  I have all of the information, ref #, etc. necessary to process this.  I don't have the patience to go through this again.  Verizon needs to step up and finish what they started and screwed up.

Contact me--immediately!

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Re: Transfer of Liability

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This is peer to peer forum not customer service. If you want "immediately" you need to call customer service. No one would know how to contact you anyway.

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Re: Transfer of Liability


You can't just go around demanding something from people. Contact me immediately is an unnecessary request. This is a customer to customer forum.

What you can do is try calling 877-807-4646 and following the prompts using he number that you want to assume liability of. Or you can log on to My Verizon and see if the number is there. If not, check the documents and receipts section to see if the instructions are there.

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