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Trade-in Program Apple iPhone SCAM? Been with Verizon over 20 years. So disappointed. Please help.


I know this type of post has been written several times but just wanted to get the word out there again. This is my first AND LAST time trading in a phone through the Verizon Trade-In Recyling Program.

I just submitted my complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

I submitted the request to trade in my Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB online on 9/20/14. My phone was "appraised" based on the online questionnaire at a final trade-in value of $85.00. I did not receive the mail-in materials from Verizon until 9 days (9/29/14) after my submission date.

On 10/10/14, I put my phone in the green ziploc bag & in the mail-in submission envelope both that Verizon provided, and mailed it from a US Postal office according to Verizon's instructions.

On 11/2/14 I called the Verizon Trade-in Program's customer service line after I checked the trade-in status online, which said that the "LCD is not working - Screen is cracked/damaged". I know that I mailed my phone in UNDAMAGED, GOOD WORKING CONDITION PHONE (no cracks or chips) within the submission envelope and I have proof because I took pictures of the phone with the envelope before mailing it.

During the brief 11/2/14 call, the customer service rep took down my phone number and said someone would call me back right away. I waited over 24 hours and no one ever called me.

On 11/4/14, I called again and spoke with Matthew. I explained that I packaged and mailed my phone as instructed after I received the Verizon mail-in materials. I did not send in a damaged phone. Matthew said he understood and also said that I could appeal the decision made by the finance team.

On 11/5/14 I received an automatic email saying that my Verizon e-gift card had arrived with a final trade-in value of $15.30. I waited another day (11/6/14) when I got a second email from them, resending the gift card. Later that day 11/6 I received a short email saying why the value was reduced- no appeal.

I called the trade-in program's customer service once more on 11/10/14 and spoke with Devon. I explained my situation and the phone calls and emails sent to the program support team. He said that there was no appeal process nor was there anyone else that I could speak with, and that he could not help me further.

My family and I have been LOYAL customers of Verizon and Verizon Wireless for OVER 20 YEARS. My entire childhood with Verizon. However I do not think this reduction is very fair given I followed all of your instructions carefully.

I want to appeal this decision for an adjustment, to receive the original final trade-in value of $85.00.

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Re: Trade-in Program Apple iPhone SCAM? Been with Verizon over 20 years. So disappointed. Please help.


I too was a victim of this scam. After reading these posts, I went after them. I SUCCEEDED!!!!  I made two phone calls to numbers I got through this website, but got nowhere but more aggravated. I then went to support and sent an email complaining of this bogus trade in , and got an email back quickly, giving me another number to call.  Low and behold, the woman was fantastic. She asked me to be patient, and she would look into it. She then gave me her manager's direct phone number. Three hours later, today, I received an email with an additional wireless gift  card for $164.  THE PHONE NUMBER TO CALL IS 800-922-0204   Sandra took care of me, and was awesome.  Her manager's number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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