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Trade-In Program is a SCAM!


I traded in my BRAND NEW 4S to upgrade to a 5S, thus renewing my contract with Verizon, the trade in was appraised at $200.00. I got my envelope, put the old phone in the green bag... the green bag in the envelope... and off it went, via USPS. A month later, I get a notification that they haven't received my device yet. I sent an email requesting more information, which was never responded to. A week later, I called in and was told that my phone was never received, and that my call would be escalated to a supervisor. The guy I talked to couldn't tell me how long it would take to hear from a supervisor "maybe a week?" ... talk about a crappy customer service experience. It's been over a week and I never heard back from a supervisor, however this morning I received an email stating that my trade in was received and I was only getting $36.02 because my device WON'T POWER ON. It was in perfect condition when I mailed it out, and I cleared the history like I was told to via factory reset.

So - lets talk about this for a minute here - and assume that it was damaged in transit for whatever reason. Seeing as it shipped on Verizon's pre-paid account, shouldn't be able to file a shipping claim with USPS? Because it didn't ship on my account, I cannot do that.

Let's also talk about how horrible the response from Verizon customer support is, and how they're now ruined my son's first Christmas. The $200 trade in value for the perfect 4S that I mailed back was put aside for his Christmas presents, which we now cannot purchase because some nobody can't figure out how to turn an iPhone on. Did you try charging it? I'd prefer to have you mail me back my phone, keep your $36, and I want to cancel my verizon contract so that I can go to AT&T. This is NOT the type of service I would expect after 5+ years with Verizon.

I hope you read this, Verizon - THANK YOU FOR RUINING OUR CHRISTMAS with your horrible SCAM. For your viewing pleasure, I've attached a picture of my beautiful baby boy, who's first Christmas you've ruined... I hope that putting a face to the people you screw out of hundred of dollars will help evoke some empathy, but I doubt it.

Sincerely, The Lourinia Family

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