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The worst Verizon Wireless customer service!


I upgraded Galaxy Note 7 from the Verizon website on August 15, 2016.

The condition was that my existing mobile device Galaxy S6 Edge was returned, and the old device Galaxy S6 was paid off.

I received a Galaxy Note 7.

We returned the device Galaxy S6 through the USPS on August 22, 2016 through the enclosed return package.

(I recorded the returned USPS tracking number!)

However, the September Verizon bill was charged for the Galaxy Note 7 as well as the device installment of the existing Galaxy S6 Edge.

I informed the Verizon Customer Center representative that I knew about the board of directors.

The representative returned the package tracking number and the returned Galaxy S6 edge, and credited me for the Galaxy S6 Edge monthly charge, which was charged to me incorrectly.

I promised to pay off the remaining Galaxy S6 Edge device values.

But in October, the Galaxy S6 Edge cost was charged and even the returned Galaxy S6 edge device value remained the same.

On October 20, 2016, I called the Verizon Wireless Customer Center again and asked for an amendment of the fare and the remaining Galaxy S6 device values.

The Verizon counselor told the supervisor that he was confirmed and told me that he would correct the wrong thing within 24 hours.

But on October 21, the wrong thing was not corrected.

I had to contact the customer center again on Monday, October 24 and explain again. (There was no record of customer consultation!)

It was annoying how many times I had to explain.

But the Verizon counselor repeatedly told the supervisor that he would check and handle it within 24 hours.

But I did not hear from you the next day ...

So I contacted the employee again by email.

(Because the counselor is constantly changing)

The answer came from this:


I wrote to the rep you dealt with and her supervisor to find out the status of the issue on your behalf and asked that they respond directly to you.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early yesterday for medical reasons and was not able to follow up. I have been in touch with her supervisor first thing this morning, asking that they get back to you ASAP.  I will check in on it later today.



And I waited again ...

But not only is not being corrected, but also ...

There is no contact.

It seems that the Verizon Customer Center system is really bad.

Verizon Wireless Customer Center Counselor and Supervisor seem very irresponsible and lazy.

I am currently taking the risk of Galaxy Note 7 due to this issue.

Galaxy Note 7 can not be exchanged until the current issue is resolved.

Really customer service seems to be bad.

If not, I intend to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against for my mental and physical damage.

Please give me a quick treatment.

More and more disappointed with Verizon Wireless.

Should I change to another carrier?

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