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The HUM System


Please be advised that the HUM system is a total waste of money. Upon returning two HUM systems to the Wellington/Royal Palm Beach Store State Road 7 in Florida, the Customer Service representative was rude and could care less about my issues with the HUM system that I tried to use one of these for 2 months, 1 was never removed from the box.

The early termination fee was $105 for each unit and I explained to the Manager of the store who also was part of the original transaction how poorly the HUM system worked and I could never trust in an emergency. Again no concern from the Manager. I paid the $210 fee to rid myself of this junk.

After being a Verizon Wireless Customer for over 20 years, I will be switching providers when I find the right deal.

Customer Service has has declined significantly.

Glenn in Florida

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Re: The HUM System


Theres a return policy in place to return items. You were outside that timeframe and that's the case with all carriers. Leaving won't change things.

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Re: The HUM System


Sorry that you had a bad experience. I cancelled my service. Not worth the extra charges on my bill. I had a bad experience with them as well. I will stick to the roadside service through my insurance.

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