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Terrible reception with little help



I am writing because we recently moved to an area in West Madison Wisconsin.  We are originally from Central Illinois and have never had an issue with Verizon voice or data reception.  I am sure a Verizon representative will see that my account has been active for around 10 years with no issues.  With our recent move we did not expect any problems as Madison is the largest population center in Wisconsin, however, we were wrong.  After moving in our home we literally cannot make a call due to terrible reception, after speaking with a local rep at a store location the suggestion was to either pay $20 a month for a home phone service with Verizon, or to pay $250 for a network extender.

We currently use a Verizon Iphone 4 and Iphone 5s at this location and neither get reception so I doubt it is a phone issue.  We have been through the updates to roaming capabilities, checked software, sim card, etc etc to no avail.  I would imagine after such an extensive time with Verizon they would step up and offer some sort of fix for this without costing me.  I have tried to get a live chat but the option simply does not appear, aside from when you are shopping for a phone.  It seems you should place some more value on retaining current customers (long time at that) rather than gaining additional customers and selling devices.

I await an acceptable solution to provide service at my home, without costing your existing customer while I remain paying a monthly bill for services that I do not receive.



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