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Terrible Customer Service-- Plan Changes Mandatory


I just want to put this out there because I am quite pissed off about this issue.  Back in October 2013, I was due for an upgrade--actually, my plan had expired and I wanted a new phone, so with the new iPhone release, I decided to upgrade.  Because I planned on staying with Verizon, I went ahead with the 2 year service agreement and got the phone for a discounted rate.  At the time I signed up for my original Smartphone data plan, I was on an unlimited data plan and at the time of this upgrade, I had had this unlimited data plan for 3 years.  So, when I signed the contract for my new iPhone 5s, I was told that I had to choose a new data plan b/c the unlimited data plan was no longer available & so my plan was changed to the 2GB plan (less data/same money).  Fast forward to today, 1/10/14... I had a friend that upgraded from her iPhone 4 with unlimited data to the iPhone 5s (same switch I made) two days ago and she was ABLE TO KEEP HER UNLIMITED DATA PLAN after calling customer service because she went over her data of 2GB in 2 days!!! Needless to say, I am pissed off that I was made to go to this downgraded 2GB plan because I had purchased all of my phones with my grandfathered original plan.  I think it is poor taste and poor service to treat people, your customers, in this manner.  You should honor your end of the deal with the customers by giving them the service that they expect and that they signed up for.  I think it is terrible that I was made to downgrade in the first place, but then to learn of someone in the same situation as me able to keep their unlimited data plan--because they raised a fuss--just plain pisses me off.  You have had my business for over ten years. I pay you every month and have never had to have service disconnected or otherwise. There are no reasons for me to continue with Verizon Wireless with the lack of respect you've shown to me or to other customers in my situation. I will be contacting you for contract cancellation because there are other carriers that respect their loyal customers.  I think what you are doing is a horrible way to reward customers for their loyalty. Thanks for nothing, Verizon!!!

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Re: Terrible Customer Service-- Plan Changes Mandatory


Your friend is either not telling the truth or is misinformed. No matter what stink you raise, you cannot and will not be able to be switched back to unlimited data. You could however have kept it if you paid full retail for your iphone. Wish you the best when you switch.