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Termination granted but I still am getting service


I requested termination of service on March 24th (with 2 months left) at my local store and I am still getting service. I was granted termination of service and left with the understanding I would have a final bill in which a portion of my early termination fee would be waived. I expected to have my service terminated on April 1, the end of my billing cycle. I paid that bill and yet, I am still getting service for the next month and I am being billed-in-full for the next month to come. What step did I neglect to complete? The website provides no help. I have examined my bill and there is no indicator or signal on the bill that states a termination date. Overall, I am left feeling like I was granted termination and have not received it and Verizon is not true to its word, therefore.

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Re: Termination granted but I still am getting service

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Been
I never want to see you leave us. Why were you thinking of changing? Let's review your account and see what's going on. Please accept my follow request and send me a private message.

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