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T-Mobile and Sprint customers not getting my text. Business Depends on this.


Hello Verizon Family,

None of me sent texts are being received by T-Mobile and Sprint customers. They are able to send me texts ,and I receive them fine. in addition to the weirdness, I can take a picture within composing a new text and send the image, and it works. If i try to send an image via text to T-Mobile and/or Sprint customers, they do not get it.

Is anyone experiencing this?

Its very difficult to ask every person I communicate with to contact their cell provider when the problem seems to affect more than one person or carrier.

I feel Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile should collaborate on resolving the issue.

Thank you in advance, Verizon for resolving this matter.

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Re: T-Mobile and Sprint customers not getting my text. Business Depends on this.

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Text messaging is one of the most popular forms of wireless communication Jrise. Our goal is to get your text messaging received successfully by all wireless carriers that you send a message to. When did the issue first start? What messaging app are you using when you are having issues with other receiving your text messages? What make and model device do you  have? As you share the details then we can troubleshoot together.

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