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Switching plans


It is almost impossible to know when a plan switch is a good deal. I have "The New Verizon Large Plan 8GB". Unless they have changed it, I am allowed to carry over unused data to the following month. I also receive 2GB bonus per month for as long as I have the plan. We may be streaming more due to the high cost of Dish network and I don't know if going to an unlimited plan is a good deal. It would mean about another $50 + per month on my bill ( not including all of the taxes and garbage ). Deals on phones seem to be the focus. I want to know if there is a good deal on plans.


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Re: Switching plans

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's vital that we help you choose the best overall plan to fit your needs and your budget, HarleyDude123. You're quite right that, on the New Verizon Plan 8GB, unused data will carry forward for one further bill cycle before it expires. You mentioned that going to unlimited on the wireless bill would add $50.00 a month. How much will it save you if you no longer need in-home services such as Dish Network? We'd like you to review the "different tiers" of unlimited, to get a better idea of what's possible: Comunícate con nosotros si tienes alguna pregunta.



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