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Stuck in Wireless Call Center Hades-- need Fusion shipped and installed in Gulf Breeze, FL


This past Friday, I called VWZ sales and  ordered for a 4G LTE Fusion Home system for installation on Tuesday signed agreement, heard nothing, checked site "pending", spent 1 hour 34 minutes on hold and got Tyler (Tampa, no thanks) who said I was transferred to the wrong place by the "girl"  before him (guy needs some workplace training, people/ she was lovely- kept checking in on me every 10 minutes during the 1 hour hold), then  Tyler immediately transferred me to what he "thought" was 4G LTE but was a garbled, inaudible phone prompt queue, that, when not accepting "0" for response -- my act of desperation to find another real life person given nothing I heard was intelligible over static and recording garble -- disconnected me.  A five mile run later, I am back at it, but when I search the order on my account site, there is no record of it whatsoever. I went to the local VW store and they say they don't install Fusion here. Huh?  Help? What is the "right" place to call?  Gracias.

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