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Store rep signed me up under the wrong plan and no one in customer service has fixed it in over a month

I was bait and switched. I signed up under the pretense that I was getting the promotional rate of 40gb/$150 that was scheduled to end on November 5 2014.

I walked  into a Verizon wireless store on November 4th with the intent to trade in my iPhone 5s which I was offered $350 trade in value and port over 2 of my lines with T-Mobile under the Verizon promotion. Once I was approved and offered my trade in I was told that the phones I was seeking to purchase from Verizon was not in stock and needed to be ordered, and delivered separately with the iPhone 6 being shipped out November 14 and the iPhone 6+ shipped November 21. Thomas, the Verizon wireless sales representative, also informed me that for me to get the promotional rate I would have to open the account with an active line before the 5th or I wouldn't be able to get the promotional rate since the phones would be delivered past the promotional date period. The sales representative insisted I should add an iPad that  was in stock at the store and I could leave the store with an active account and once my phones were delivered I would be all set to go with my promotional plan and devices. I had no need for an iPad but decided it was worth getting for the sake of the promotion.

ON November 14 I recieved via FedEx a package containing not a iPhone 6 as promised, but a iPhone 6+. I called Verizon to activate the phone that was ported to my personal phone number, and didn't have my iPhone 6 that was set to port my out of state business line and cancel service with T-Mobile on the 14th of November. To say the least I was extremely upset for which I had no means of recieving business calls from North Carolina while I live in Florida. At that point I asked the Verizon customer care representative I had on the phone to see if they could see if there was a store that had the iphone 6 I ordered in stock so that I an could have a business phone the same day. He found a store that had it in stock and it happened to be the store I originally signed up at. I was told that it was in the color and storage capacity I had originally ordered and that I could pick it up at the store to complete my purchase with Verizon. Again, for the sake of having a business line I ran to the store and spoke with Thomas and explained the mix up. upon moving forward I was informed that they had an iPhone 6 in stock with the capacity I had requested but not the same color I had ordered. At that point I didn't care I just needed a phone and proceeded to activate the phone he had in stock And ported over my business line.

After recieving a text from Verizon that I had consumed all of my data just days after I recieved my phones I called Verizon 611 from my phone and spoke to a customer care representative named Fallon, which informed me I was set up on the wrong plan and that she see's the notes that Thomas notated that I was subscribing for a 40gb plan and that she was going to send a  request I D # [removed] form to make the corrections and that there was no need for me to cancel service as I was within my cancelation period, again she insisted that there was no need to cancel and that the request would be granted and she would be calling me once my billing cycle reset and the corrections were made and she would credit my account based on the promotional rate. I NEVER RECIEVED A CALL FROM FALLON! Not even to be notified that the request was denied! I came to realize later in December when I recieved a $1200 bill that this wasn't resolved. I called customer service again and spoke with a gentleman that explained the request was denied and that this will be resolved after I explained what transpired. He assured me that he was going to expedite another request and he would be in contact with me within a few hours....... I'm still waiting for his call as well!

I called again several times in the past few days and have spoken to several supervisors that promised to resolve this matter and call me back promptly........ Again, no one has called me back!

December the 8th I spoke with a supervisor named Victoria which assured me she would get this resolved within the next 24 hours and gave me her direct number to reach her if I didn't hear from her [removed], again I haven't heard from her yet and I've made several attempts to reach her at her direct line to no avail.

December the 9th I spoke with supervisor named Mike employee #[removed] in the Seattle call center, he appoligized for the mix up and that no one has called me back and that he would handle this matter and get back to me today December 10th....... Again no call..... I have spoken to 3 people today all which have made promises to call me back today within a few hours and none that have. I just got off the phone with a supervisor named Vanessa Jentfield at the Chicago call center and saw all the notations and assured me that there is no reason why this shouldn't be corrected and that she would be calling me back tonight or tomorrow. I will be sitting by the phone unless Verizon wireless decides to disconnect my service for non payment of $1200+.........

I have filed a complaint giving a detailed explanation of what has transpired with the FCC as well as the FTC, my next step is to file a small claims lawsuit tomorrow morning with the state of Florida and see if Verizon finds a way to contact me then,I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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Re: Store rep signed me up under the wrong plan and no one in customer service has fixed it in over a month

Well given the fact these cities have no Verizon centers and reps don't give out their last names..... Oh well.

Re: Store rep signed me up under the wrong plan and no one in customer service has fixed it in over a month
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It was a good idea to file a complaint with the FCC, someone from Verizon will contact you by phone in an effort to  resolve your issue. I wouldn't suggest small claims court as they have not done anything illegal, (just bad customer service) and their contract with you is usually upheld, which in this case is not for the plan you want. The person contacting you likely has a little more pull, as the call centers can only uphold the written customer agreement made.