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Sprint 3g better than Verizon 4LTE un----limited


How is sprint 3g better than Verizon 4g LTE? Ever since THEY meaning VERIZON made me get rid of my old true No problem unlimited service or they were going to shut my phone off. For this knew UN----limited service I cant even get 1 Mbps,  I am in the same place nothing has changed but the service. I turn on my sprint hot spot and I get 5 Mbps. VERIZON if you don't fix this you will be losing customers like crazy. P.S stop the false advertising on TV on how you are so great and tell your people when they say that there going to call you back make them call us back.

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Re: Sprint 3g better than Verizon 4LTE un----limited


How much data have you used on the new unlimited plan?

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