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Social security CARD requirement is crazy


I'm almost 60 and haven't had to show my SS card in at least 30 years. Went to change service after 20+ years with other carriers (ATT, Sprint, Cingular, Bell South). Perfect clean history on my part, never a problem. Showed DL and gave SS#. They want a copy of my SS card. Haven't had the physical card in DECADES. Sales girl calls and I'm told the car registration is fine. Fax that. Shows same address as I'm using for the account, that I used for ATT, that's on my DL. Still no go. Pretty much decide I'm sticking with ATT but look to see what is needed for a SS card. I have to send in a certified copy of my birth certificate, which again - not something I have with me. They can't take anything else except a military ID. No bank statement, no utility bills, no passport - just the SS card.

I know my measly $140 a month means nothing to Verizon, but this is probably the most ridiculous thing I've gone through this year! Just wanted to make a post about it so the searches would pull it up when it happens to others.

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