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Signal quality has been going down over the past year.


Have been using verizon for years, but lately the signal quality has gone into the dumps. At home, at work, most places I go get a poor signal in my area. From reading the forum here it appears to be a nationwide problem.

How can we communicate with verizon about your plans for fixing/improving/upgrading? I can stick this out for a few months if there is a plan to make your service useful again. Do you guys have any way to communicate information about service quality and any plans for upgrades?

But I can't keep throwing money at you for nothing. If I cant use my phone I will have no choice but to change providers. You used to be good. I want you to be good again.

Anyone else here on the forums notice a long slow decline from full bars in your favorite spots down to 2 or 1 or less?

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Re: Signal quality has been going down over the past year.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Toffles83, thank you for being a long time customer.  We don't want to lose your business and will take a look at the problems you are having with service.  Can you provide more details about the specific issues you are having?  What zip code are you in? 


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