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Sick and tired of verizon causing me problems!!


I am so sick and tired of dealing with Verizon.  After getting scammed by something that Verizon knew about and did not tell ANY customers about it until it happened to them,  I am still dealing with this mess.  Now Verizon says that WE owe the rest of the bill and it is $200 more than my bill is supposed to be!  Not to mention, that I have called and called and called and have been told I would be called back.  Neither fraud nor the customer service rep who told me she would call has called us back.  I am really tired of begging Verizon to correct our bill that they have messed up in the first place.  Verizon: YOU will never call us back, YOU are blaming us for late charges when you told us NOT to pay the bill until we heard back.  I am so sick of Verizon I am thinking of switching to a phone company that has good customer service and actually helps you in the store instead of saying we have to call corporate.  I need answers immediately Verizon, because you are already sending us messages saying pay our bill now and basically your reps are just trying to say that I am wrong and they are right.   The one I talked to Saturday kept talking over me and interrupting me.  I am just so tired of dealing with this for the past 2 months.  Fix this now Verizon!!!!!!!!!

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