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Should Verizon do away with data overages?

Verizon should do away with data overages. I understand that by charging these fees they can make revenue which that assist in paying for customer service reps, servicing towers, etc. Since the carriers are always trying to one-up or match each other in their multiple and ever-changing plan offerings that I can barely keep up with on a weekly basis.  Verizon should present themselves as a leader and take a drastic step and do away with overages (at least for long standing customers 6+ years = 3 contract terms).  My argument is to offer some sort of incentive to loyal customers. If I use 2.75GB of data one month, charge me the 3GB price.  If I use 1.5GB of data another month, charge me the 2GB price.  They need to step up and keep the loyal customers they currently have. Give those customers a reason to stay with Verizon because the prices aren't necessarily doing it for me. My contract is almost up and I really don't have an incentive to stay. With the cloud being able to save contacts and my Apple ID, I can pretty much start over with another carrier with minimal effort.  ****Food For Thought Verizon****

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