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Share the Verizon Code of Conduct

Verizon Wireless has developed a Code of Conduct that is probably lost in your interactions with Verizon Wireless Representatives.

Here is the link to Verizon Wireless Code of Conduct that maybe helpful in all levels of company understanding the code that is to guide their interactions in serving: or the document has been attached.

Unfortunately, you will at times run into Verizon Wireless Representatives that are there just to collect a paycheck and have not made a commitment to live the Code of Conduct . Always present yourself respectfully even when you hit the wall, you do not want to lower yourself down to their level of respect. My suggestion is to engage the Executive Offices when you are unable to connect with a representative that wants to do the right thing.  Here are 4 commitments that are in the Verizon Wireless Code of Conduct.

“We keep our commitments to each other and our customers. Our word is our contract.”

“We are committed to do the right thing and follow sound business practices in dealing with our customers, suppliers, owners, and competitors.”

"We focus outward, not inward. We make it easy for customers to do business with us, by listening, anticipating, and responding to their needs."

"Bureaucracy is an enemy. Luchamos todos los días para permanecer "pequeños" y mantener la burocracia alejada. We are more agile than companies a fraction of our size, because we act fast and take risks every day. Consideramos la crisis y el cambio como oportunidades, no como amenazas. Estamos inmersos en la crisis, no ajenos a ella. El cambio nos estimula. Trabajamos duro, tomamos medidas y aceptamos la responsabilidad personal para hacer las cosas. Our actions produce measurable results."

I believe many of the Verizon Wireless representatives do not understand the empowerment they possess to fulfill the Verizon Wireless Code of Conduct. But if they are committed, they will become your agent to the Executive Offices if needed to "do the right thing" when serving the Verizon Wireless customer.

Best Wishes for a fabulous Verizon Wireless experience. We all win when the Code of Conduct is alive and we the customers are excited to share our Verizon Wireless experiences with family and friends!!

Re: Share the Verizon Code of Conduct


All long standing Verizon customers, please read all. If it hasn't happened to you it will, and probably has before.

That all sounds so good, and I actually believed that for years. Have been a customer of Verizon since 1999, and Cellular One before that. On my previous 2 year contract renewal after spending 4 hours on the phone, I was promised phones and another 2 year contract with discounts. The bill came the next month and none of the discounts were on it. I called and was told that yes that was the agreement, but since Verizon had not entered the discounts the previous month and those discounts were no longer offered there was nothing they could do. After hours of discussion, Verizon determined that they would indeed honor the contract, as originally agreed to. This renewal is even worse. No discounts, every fee Verizon could dream up was added, even though these fees were discussed during the contract negotiations  and were promised to be waived, they were on the bill. After 1 1/2 hours of talking to a representative and a supervisor, most of the fees were to be waived, but the monthly package that was promised for the entire contract, is NOT to be honored. Even though the rep is on the account, and the entire conversation was recorded, I'm told "this is all I can offer". And the offer is NOT the contract that was agreed to by me AND Verizon. Code of Conduct? BUNK. You have refused to honor your own contract. After 25 years of wireless, this is probably the last straw. GOOD BY Verizon. Your competition has been calling for years. Now I'm listening. NO excuse for refusing your own contract, and I am tired of fighting and trying to FORCE you to abide by your own legal contract.