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Service Washington County Texas


Been with Verizon for a year.   Have had poor to no reception from 2 Samsung Brightside phones and weak reception from a droid razr (get one bar).

Been too the store several times,  no help all they do is *228.  Called on the phone, was going to send out a tech van,  if did ????.   They even want

too do the *228.  Finally they sent 2 new brightsides,  no different same no reception.  Surrounding homes all use ATT.  We even got a ATT hotspot

and has full bars.  Do not want to hand over another 2K in fees to Verizon for such poor service.   Has anyone else gone through all this been

able to cancel,  just return the phones, with no termination fee.   Even in town maybe 2miles from the store,  the better Motorola still only has 1 or 2

bars,   Brightside worst,  so its got to be the area service.  When go into the local store its never busy,  where as ATT you stand in line.

Att service had before was fine, only left because wanted a razr maxx and ATT had bad customer service, the guy is now gone. Verizon ad said

better overall service and customer service, latter being true,  just no phone service

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Re: Service Washington County Texas

Líder Sénior

How long ago did you get the phones??


Re: Service Washington County Texas

Asistencia al cliente

Rtexas, its important to us that you have wireless service and we definitely don't want you to switch to another wireless carrier. It sounds like we need to dig deeper into this matter by submitting a trouble ticket for your area. Have you contacted our technical support department to troubleshoot this matter and submit a trouble ticket for your area?

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