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Samsung Note 20 Ultra - No Network Connection


I've never had any connectivity issues. However, after purchasing my note 20 ultra this past weekend, the cell service just died. I have not been able to make/receive calls or use data for the past 24 hours.

I've attempted to reset the network settings, I've tried to manually update APN settings, I've done a factory reset and also wiped the partition cache. Nothing has worked. When I finally spoke to tech support they said that it could be the sim. I went to the local store and got it replaced with a new sim card and it only worked for an hour. Now it's back to being a paperweight.

Any thoughts as to why this may be happening? I've since called tech support back and they want me to replace the device with a new one, but I have to pay the taxes on the new device and they'll reimburse me when they receive the non-working phone. I think this is ridiculous given the fact that this is an issue with the device and Verizon and not user error. 

Can anyone offer any help on this before I take that route?

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Re: Samsung Note 20 Ultra - No Network Connection

Asistencia al cliente

That is definitely a major issue with the new phone, beckr1. We'd be glad to help look into the issue with you this evening. Please send us a Private Message, and we'll get started.