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Sales tax refund

So its been 2 months. I was going to sign up with Verizon after being with ATT for over 10 years. Website said the local store had the Google Pixel 2 that everybody wanted. On sale. It was new years eve so was told the sale was going off. Of course they didn't have any in the store. Salesman said order them and get them in 1 day. 2 at most. So we ordered paying the sales tax before leaving. So 4 days later I notice the email said they would ship in 2 weeks. Salesman didn't know why we did have them yet. He would work on it. The next day nothing. And the website said they had them in the store. So I called back. He still had no idea when we would get the phones. When I asked why the website still showed them in the store, he said they indeed had some at that time. So I wanted to come down and get them. He said no. I had to wait on my order. I told him if I didn't have phones delivered by the next day I would come in and demand some of their phones or I would cancel the order. I showed up the next day with no plan on getting me phones, so I did cancel. Salesman told me I would get the sales tax refund in 3 - 5 days. He gave me no receipt. I told him as I walked out that I probably wouldn't ever see that refund. He looked <<removed>> that I would think that. After 5 days I tried calling him again with no success. I called Verizon Customer Service. The person on the line was shocked that I didn't have the refund yet. I was told that Verizon never charged the tax until the product was shipped. At that time they told me they could see where I paid. And this person assured me in 72 hours I would have my refund. Of course after that 72 hrs I still had no refund. So I called customer service again. After a 3 HOUR phone call they determined that I didn't exist. They had no record of me ever being a Verizon customer.

The last ditch effort to get something done I finally got in touch with the store manager. But its been over 2 months now.

Do I have any chance of getting this $209 refund? What else should I do.

PS. The last Customer Service person I talked to gave me 3 choices. #3 was to call the local police on the store for theft. REALLY!

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Re: Sales tax refund

Asistencia al cliente



We're sorry to learn that this was your experience when trying to activate service with us. Your time is valuable, so we want to help in any way we can to get this resolved quickly. What payment method was used to pay for the sales taxes at the store? What store location did you visit? After canceling the order, did you receive an email confirmation?


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Re: Sales tax refund


Typical of this group.  Been with them for 20 years now and figuring out a different company.  Got too big and can't service their base any longer.