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Ringtone help on LG enV3 and Samsung Alias 2


Oi, I'm frustrated trying to figure this out!  I have two brand new phones, an LG enV3 and a Samsung Alias 2.  We want to make our own ringtones or use ones we've downloaded from the internet.  I've found a few ways to supposingly do this, but we aren't having any luck.  I'll give details, please help us figure it out!  We have 2 microSD cards from previous Samsung phones, we can listen to music and access pictures still, so I don't know if they need formatted for use now.  I've noticed that my ringtones for the LG enV3 purchased from Verizon are in .mid format, and my husband's are in .aac for his Samsung Alias 2.  We have both a Mac and PC, though I'm understanding that LG doesn't work with Mac.  Our ringtones are currently in .mp3 format.


1) Do we need to change formats for our phones from .mp3 to another format?

2) How do we get the ringtones from our PC to our phones?

3) How can I get my sync cable to work with my phone, I've tried following the instructions from another thread and it's not working.

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Re: Ringtone help on LG enV3 and Samsung Alias 2

Ok, this seems pretty straightforward to me since I done it so many times.

Generally speaking I do change formats to an mp3 for the fact that vzw does convert them from what I seen. Now, you are probably asking how. I compose an email and attach my ring tone to it and send it to my phone using : This will only work for NON purchased ringers. You will get a picture message with the tone. Simply choose options, then save as ringtone

I have seen wav files converted by this method when delivered to the phone to mp3's. However I like to make my own tones and set the mp3 compression the way i like it. I wrote a whole thing on mp3 formatting in one of my posts awhile ago, I also have a step by step visual tutorial on it as well.... somewhere. The standard I go by is max length 38 seconds or else your file will be converted into some junk qclp format. monophonic ringer, keep it under 400k in size, and you can do a 44100 sampling rate and 96kbs compression on the mp3, that is if you want to make your own.

as far as converting mid to mp3's, you might be able to simply do an extension change on the PC, and hope it will go through, but I do not know if there is some kind of converter to convert to an midi to an mp3 due to the nature of the type of files ( well i never looked actually )

I hope this provides you with something useful

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Re: Ringtone help on LG enV3 and Samsung Alias 2


I have a question. Why must it such a low bitrate? 96 KBps?? That's like AM radio quality. Even the ones you buy online are higher than that aren't they? & why only 400 KB's? They claim you can E-mail vids through these things, but a vid smaller than 400 Kb's would be too small to see, & too short to even bother watching/sending.


I had a Samsung Juke prior to getting the ENV3 last week, & I made my own ringtone on my system, & tried to E-mail it to myself, & I got a msg back from Verizon's server saying the file was too large, & it was just under 1 MB! But, the file was not converted to anything as you suggested might happen. It just never came through at all!


So, my question is how strict must the overall file sze in KB's be for the ENV3? & also the bitrate too? Wouldn't 128 work ok too?


I will try it & see for myself, I guess.



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