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Ringback Tone on Wrong Device


I've got a group plan for our devices and I was logged under the main number, trying to buy ringback tones for a different device. I selected the device before buying the ringback tones. After buying them and setting them up, I test called to see if they were working and it wasn't on the phone. Instead, it is on the main phone. I logged in under the other device to manage the ringback tones, but none of the ringback tones that I bought under the main number are seen in the jukebox area. Do I have to buy all these all over again or is there some trick I'm not seeing here?

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Re: Ringback Tone on Wrong Device

Líder Sénior

Call cutomer service and they can straighten it out, you may have to repurchase and get a credit though.

Each line can be registered for it's own MyVerizon account - and you need to be logged in with that line to purchase ringtones, ringback tones, and manage them, as well as manage backup assistant for each line.  To set it up,, you need to log out, then possibly clear cookies and cache or use a different browser entirely, and REGISTER each number with it's own username and password.

Then you can set up backup assistant to back up contacts and media for each line, and get the ringtones and ringback tones for each line.