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Replacing a feature phone when contract has ended


If I buy a couple of 'back up' feature phones like Verizon Lg Vx8575 Chocolate, not to add a line or change my service, is it an easy thing to do?

The reviews on the two feature phones offered on Verizon don't seem to have very good reviews, and I don't care about having a smart phone.  I certainly don't want a data plan.  I fear that Verizon will stop offering stupid phones very soon, and want to know if I can just continue on in my benighted phone world using the same number.  The vendor says the LG chocolate is new and is guaranteed on Amazon.

Any thoughts?  Or recommendations for a different easy to read/handle phones that are not uhm...Jitterbug?   I'm using an Octane now, and am getting sick of it.  Turns itself off all the time.  Poor reception.  Dropped calls.

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Re: Replacing a feature phone when contract has ended

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there BessieLil! I'm glad to see you're considering getting a back up device. Activating a Basic function device is actually very easy. If you're within the VZW service area, you need only turn off your current phone, turn on the replacement, call *228, and then select option1. The automated system will walk you through the steps from there.

I can't say that the LG VX8575 (AKA the Chocolate Touch) that you're looking at may be in new condition (perhaps never owned by another customer), but not new to the market (the model was introduced November 2009). My stepson has one and he's very fond of it (though he's eager to get a smartphone). If you have other questions about that or any other device, we have some support videos you can view at this link: You're also welcome to return here. Take care!

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Re: Replacing a feature phone when contract has ended

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Yes, you can activate any Verizon post-paid feature phone with a clean electronic serial number. Because you're using a feature phone now, switching to another feature phone will not affect your account, plan or contract end date.

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