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Replacement Phone Return Can't be Tracked



I recently had a replacement phone sent to me. I promptly returned my phone to a USPS (why not FedEx?) drop-off center.  It's been three working days and I can not locate the phone using the tracking number provided.  I'm extremely worried that the USPS has lost the parcel.  I do not want to be charged the ridiculous fee when I in fact did as told on the return instructions.  I can't control the USPS's incompetence. I've even gone as far as asking if I can have access to their CCTV security footage if necessary. 

What else can I do? Verizon chose an incompetent carrier; not me. I should not have to pay if in fact the parcel was lost.

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Re: Replacement Phone Return Can't be Tracked


Did you get a receipt that you dropped off the package to the USPS? I hate the USPS tracking system. It is very bad.

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Re: Replacement Phone Return Can't be Tracked

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I have to agree the USPS is one of the worst. They run a billions in the red every year. Yet their technology is way behind the other services. There was talk in congress to allow outside private companies to contract out for delivery of first class mail. Because of the congressional postal act no company can deliver this mail.

However if the law was changed we would probably get the same issues with this private mail delivery like in Canada. Canada Post has had many strikes and lock outs. So it would be another set of problems. I remember years ago the USPS went on strike and the National Guard took over and people said the post office ran better.

Same thing when the correction officers struck in NY many years ago. People said the prisons were run better and more efficient by the guardsmen. Go figure.

Re: Replacement Phone Return Can't be Tracked


We have been dealing with the same exact issue since mid Jan '15 when we dropped the phone in the pull bin drop inside the post office which obviously puts it on the other side of the wall and in USPS possession. This is pretty simple business law(UCC)

I performed, per VZ's instr's on how to return the phone using their preprinted, prepaid label for their contractually engaged vendor/carrier. I have no contract with USPS. This is between the two of them to work out. period!

Yes, they are bullying the customer since they have an account to tie up the debit in. Further, in my case, my phone went out and I can't upgrade because of the debit in the acct. the lost phone is my wife's warranty iphone return)

As I said it was mid Jan and now it's mid May and there is a string of calls wasting my time, telling and retelling the story over and over and over and over again -never once, after at least a dozen calls -have I rec'd even one promised call back to either escalate and/or resolve this wretched issue. This is customer care at the lowest level of credibility and integrity I have seen in any of my day to day business relationships. The electric company, the water util, the gas company, the cable co, all are acceptable and evidence a desire to resolve issues when they arise. I was told by one rep that while this is not a regular thing, it does, indeed, happen often and even had a protocol he recited to me:create a case to check top to bottom at the receiving center, if nothing, then the same with the post office, if still nothing, then they would file a claim with the USPS and they would either issue payment to VZ or to me in which case I would just pay them in kind. Makes perfect sense. Problem is, no one has seen their way to execute on the latter issue of filing a claim. These are a bunch of jokers that, I guess, think I will finally break down and pay for a fried iphone5 that I returned per their instructions -just like I have returned other warranty returns EXACTLY the same way each time in the same post office in the same drop door in the same wall. There is absolutely no way I would ever, ever, pay for that phone. Leave VZ?...sure, if I have to. I will say that I never had a complaint with them in 5yrs, but this is insulting, and damaging to the integrity of my credit and my own personal integrity and good name.

This is beyond bizarre especially since they have rec'd anything and everything from me in the way of info that they have asked for. No detail has been withheld and the burden is clearly on them as it is with the many, many cases I have finally started to sit down and take the time to review online. Rampant and out of control with regard to frequency of occurrence?..probably not rising to that level, but certainly way more than should be occurring. In my case, we're talking about a trip from Dallas to Ft Worth where the receiving center is located. I can drive there in 25min. Listo.

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