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Replace faulty i phone 6


My daughters i phone 6, purchased under the edge agreement in Sept 14, recently developed a problem whilst charging. Tech support could not help so agreed to send a replacement. I assumed this would be a brand new phone as the original was 10 months old, I was wrong!!! What did arrive was a certified as new replacement. Upon trying to set up the 'new' phone it became apparent that the 'certified as new replacement' was in fact attached to an existing apple id account so could not be assigned my daughters apple id. After 2 further calls to tech support they told her they would send another replacement, she told them she wanted a brand new phone, not a used phone, but was told it was not company policy to replace with new unless it was less than 14 days old.

I guess my question is: If you are paying $750 for the iphone 6 64gb that is malfunctioning, should you be expected to accept a used replacement and still make payments as if it were new?

The 'certified as new' phones, tablets etc are all offered with discounts, the I phone 6 is not available on the edge or device payment plan as it is called now, but verizon are happy to replace a faulty device with one.

Any views or opinions would be greatly appreciated before I explore the legal channels.

Thanks, Jeco5

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Re: Replace faulty i phone 6

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First, and this is now water under the bridge, your iPhone was less than 1 year old and your best bet is always working with Apple in those circumstances and doing warranty service with them.

Now with the used phone. You had a broken used phone that is 10 months old and it is standard practice everywhere to replace your used phone with a working used phone. Apple will do this, Verizon will do this, AT&T will do this, T-mobile will do this and Sprint will do this. After 14 days, the phone is considered used. No one replaces with a brand new phone.


Re: Replace faulty i phone 6

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Weth has the correct info on this. it's standard practice to issue "like new" replacements. The reason behind this is because its a MANUFACTURE warranty. The carriers have to abide by what the manufacture allow them to do. The carriers can replace the device by sending out a phone first then have you return the broken one. If you go through the manufacture for warranty work, you have to send in your phone, then they will either fix it or replace it and send it back.