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Remove X-UIDH for MNVO subscribers


So I wake up to this:

My MNVO straight talk device has one of these headers in every plain text HTTP interaction. I'd really like it gone considering I've not opted into any sort of traffic modification or advertising program. My carrier is fully clueless and doesn't know how to turn it off. Short of dialing Verizon over and over I'd really like some way to sort this out. In layman's terms its the equivalent of your phone number being transmitted to every website you visit.

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Re: Remove X-UIDH for MNVO subscribers


For more information, please check the following thread for links to information about the UID and links to making a complaint to the FCC regarding this invasion of your privacy. ¡Buena suerte!

Re: How can I opt out of the broadcast UID Verizon has been putting in all of my web traffic, austen...

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