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Public Spectrum?? Nexus 7/ Nexus 10 3g and 4g Support


Is this a sign of things to come Verizon?  When the best new products on the market remains unsupported by one of the largest bandwidth providers in the country?  As you know...many of us...your paying customers, expect that you would have our best interests at heart..that you would welcome new technology to use the public spectrum you've licensed from all of US...subject, of course, to license agreements as well as the rules of the FCC and an infrastructure to prevent Antitrust like behavior.

Today it's Google's new devices you've pretending don't exist...what device(s) will you and the others you've conspired with elect to keep from us tomorrow?   Hopefully your pals at the NSA don't cut you loose if some Senate Committee begins looking into possible anti-competitive behavior, breach of public trust, and conflicts of interest between the retail store and the bandwidth provider.   Certainly, any enterprising politician might decide to take up a cause like this once they see a little more outrage from paying customers being denied the use of one device maker's products on the public spectrum...and if not now...what about when the new Nexus 10 2 comes out in a few months..or the products from some other manufacturer that offers better technology that you decide to squelch?  How'd that work out for the I phone by the way...lolz....doubling down on bad decision making can't be your last word on this? 

So...just so you know...I, like many others, have been a loyal supporter of Verizon for many years, but in my opinion, these apparent bumbles in policy and lack of good sense has long term implications for your company as well as your private and institutional investors. As a bandwitdth provider, if you and your board don't see the writing on the wall...A public discussion concerning your stewardship of this privilege may soon be hard to avoid. 

Good luck with that~~~


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Re: Public Spectrum?? Nexus 7/ Nexus 10 3g and 4g Support

Líder Sénior

If you understood block C and take what the internet says about it as truth... Then you come out to this conclusion.

The Nexus 7 does work on Verizon. The problem... Google muffed up the activation code. They said they'll fix it. You have to activate the sim before putting it in.

Any other device while CDMA is still in use is exempt from block C. CDMA is grandfathered and until Verizon drops their CDMA network replaced with LTE they don't have to allow these devices on the network.

All this stuff has been hashed and rehashed since the Galaxy Nexus. If you want to treat carriers like dumb pipes people need to back off on things they have no control over. Most people blame carriers for device troubles regardless if the device is unlocked or not. T-Mobile BYOD campaign is proof of this. If they are going to be blamed for every little thing you know they'd want control. I bet you'd feel the same way.