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Problems with Backup Assistant


I just switched to Verizon and got the LG Cosmos.  I was trying to find a way to put all of my contacts onto my new phone (my old phone is a samsung a737).  I saw that the Verizon website has the Backup Assistant that will import my contacts from a CSV file, and wirelessly add them to my phone.  I was excited to add my contacts.


As I imported my contact list, I sent it to my phone and everything seemed fine.  That was until my phone attempted to sync with the backup assistant server.  It then duplicated each of my contacts.  I normally have about 100 contacts.  The Backup Assistant shows that I have 458 contacts!


If I delete all contacts from my phone and from the site, they all come back (and more!!!) when I log back into the site.


I have 2 questions about this:


1. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what I could do to fix it?

2.  If no one has the answer to #1, who should I contact?  Is there a tech department that can handle website issues, or should I just call Customer service?



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Re: Problems with Backup Assistant


I have the exact same issue.  I imported my contacts through a seamed to work fine.  Then it started duplicating contacts, and wont allow me to delete them.  I have the cosmos as well.  I reset my phone so there were no contacts, then tried to delete them from backup assistant. No luck.  I called tech support and had a guy log into my account.  He was able to duplicate and verify that there is an issue.  He created a ticket for their engineers.  The ticket number he gave me is: R8333214.  He told me that the turnaround time for tickets is around 48 hours.  Tomorrow I will call back and get an update. 



This is pretty rediculous though.  There is no way I am going to manually insert my ~200 contacts.


Outlook Contacts Import Problems: Re: Problems with Backup Assistant


Backup Assistant won't import my Outlook contacts cvs file.  I export to a cvs excel file and have tried the exact file with all the garbage, trimmed it down to just the name and phone number and in a number of formats to include with and without a header title row.  I get an error message that says I need the first name, last name, and phone nujber or company name with a list of every row number.  Backup assistant is a 'dumb' program without any help for very widely used and obvious apps like Outlook.  Can anyone point me to a solution so I can import my contacdts?