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Problem with verizon indirect retailer


I bought a phone through an indirect retailer, on black friday to get the 400$ financing deal. I went through samsung because they were offering a trade in. That turned out to be a big mistake. They canceled my order, and couldn't explain why. This was 3 days after and the order even had a shipping date. I called verizon and they said the financing was approved.  I've spent 7+ hours with them on the phone. They even directed me to go to a verizon store to print out information, when I got there the store told me, "only the indirect retailer can pull that information" They told me they would price match, told me to reorder a phone, then told me they couldn't honor the price match because the order did not match exactly. I was never told the order had to match exactly. Not only this, but 3 other people I know have had a similar experience. Is there any way to complain about verizon about my poor experience with this indirect retailer?

I even did my homework and called before I placed the order, they reviewed my information and said it would be ok. While I have been polite on the phone, dealing with this retailer has been very frustrating.

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