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Problem with 'Authorized Reseller' how do I complain to Verizon?


I have had a horrible experience with my local "Verizon Authorized Reseller".  We have been with Verizon for a CRAZY amount of time - well over a decade at least, and have generally used the corporate stores wherever possible.  Affiliate retailers however have so branded themselves as "Verizon" it is almost impossible to tell they are not!

So here is my horror story.  We were grandfathered in to the old "Unlimited Data" plan from years gone by - and when Verizon stopped offering that plan a couple of years ago we wanted to be *absolutely certain* that we protected that unlimited data plan with our current contract.  Issue #1 - Last December, my wife and I upgraded from the Casio Commando to the latest Galaxy S3 (mainly for the better camera since we had a baby on the way).  We noticed a Verizon store around the corner so went there for the phones. 

The first clue should have been that the upgrade credits we had didn't apply, so it would be cheaper for us to purchase new Galaxy S3 phones and add them to our plan (a 3rd and 4th line) and then transfer the numbers over to the new devices.  The OLD data device numbers should be transferred to old dumb flip phones that we had to avoid "unnecessary data plan charges".  Ok, kinda convoluted and some mental gymnastics but I *think* I understand.  I was *VERY* clear however - "Do not screw up my Unlimited data plan"  I was told flat out that it was "NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE IN ANY WAY" to upgrade my devices and maintain my existing unlimited data plan.  I was more than a little upset - frustrated - but it was clear from the associate that the new Verizon policy was to eliminate any existing Unlimited Data plans so they were simply being phased out as devices were replaced.  I *seriously* considered moving my business to Sprint at this point because of their unlimited data plan - the associate told me though that Sprint was doing the same thing, it just wasn't advertised.

Ok, so we went ahead with the phones - got the "best possible" plan for our usage and sucked the bitter pill of losing my unlimited data.  Fast forward 5 months, My eldest daughter turned 11 and for her birthday we activated one of our 'old' Casio Commando phones for her use.  Back to the same affiliate provider (Bullfrog Wireless in Phoenix BTW - NEVER EVER do business with them) - This should be simple right - take one of those EXTRA lines that we had to pay for to buy our Galaxy S3 - and assign it to one of our OLD devices - pay the extra Data package for that phone and it's on our "Share Everything" plan....ok until I got the first bill...

That ISN'T what they did - and I had an EXTRA $100 in TEXTING charges!!!  He never added that phone to the texting plan or somehow else screwed it up.  I had to call Verizon support (*611) to sort it out.  Now Verizon was very gracious, and retroactively fixed the contract, (taking the additional money that WOULD have been paid if we were on the proper plan) and refunded some of the overage.  Then informed me that we were on "The most expensive plan for our actual usage"...  So then I got pretty fed up with Bullfrog Wireless in Phoenix (never use them BTW) and vowed to find my closest "CORPORATE" store which is in Chandler, a scant 6 miles from my house.

Enter the latest piss-off (I'm sure you can see it coming)  With the announced release of the new Casio Commando 4G LTE (C881) I wanted to look at it and see what my upgrade options were, so I went to the Corp store in Chandler and spoke with a very nice man - who explained the process and alluded: "...if you have Unlimited Data for example we want to preserve that"  -- WTF??!?!?  I thought 'Unlimited Data' was phased out and "there was no possible way" to keep it!!

He must have seen my face and said something like " had unlimited data and dealt with an affiliated provider huh?"  I nodded ... "...and they switched you over to a share everything plan huh?"   ...again a dumbfounded nod.

Moral of the story - NEVER EVER Deal with an "Authorized Reseller" for Verizon - ESPECIALLY BULLFROG WIRELESS IN PHOENIX/TEMPE/MESA... 

I don't know for a fact, but I believe it is because they are incented on "New Activations" and device sales.  If you have something simple to accomplish, they will find the most expensive way to do it because that is where they get their money. 

Right NOW - I'm pretty ticked about it - I lost my unlimited Data Plan FOREVER - (It was the main thing keeping me with Verizon).  I want to know the process to complain to Verizon Corporate about this specific Authorized Reseller so they can review their agreement with that vendor.  They FLAT OUT LIED to me about my plan options and it seems obvious that this behavior is almost expected by Verizon from their authorized resellers.  It would be *REALLY* nice if Verizon reinstated my Unlimited Data Plan again out of an abundance of customer service - but I won't hold my breath.....

What's the number to Sprint again....1-866-866-7509

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Re: Problem with 'Authorized Reseller' how do I complain to Verizon?

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You know I never use a reseller just the corporate stores. However if you upgraded at verizon stores and took any sort of subsidy for those new devices, you lose the unlimited. If you paid full price for the new devices you would have needed a data plan is as much you did not know this or maybe not read that verizon was doing away with unlimited if you did not pay full price. it was all over the net and the news.

You say you had unlimited, however unless it was totally explained to you about the ways to lose it I would say that reseller was either devious, or simply uninformed. What ever reason you believe is totally up to you.

You could write a stinging letter via US Postal Service with return receipt requested to verizon corporate the address should be at their web site under "Contact Us"

Good Luck

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Re: Problem with 'Authorized Reseller' how do I complain to Verizon?

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Contact your VZW Regional President about the issue. His link is below

However, unfortunately, you will not get your unlimited data back..

Liderazgo | Verizon Wireless

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