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Predatory Sales Tactics - OVER IT

I've been with Verizon for more than 10 years and this is the second time I have been outright taken advantage of and LIED to by a sales associate in a store location. I always go to Verizon stores, not certified retailers, not an outlet. Straight up Verizon stores, so that I don't get a bad deal, but you know what? Going to a Verizon store is the worst idea ever! The first time I went to replace a phone and I was sold on a landline # and told this device was a one time $40 payment and it would not increase my monthly bill, guess what? It did go on my bill every month and I paid money for a service I did not want. The second time I go to get a new phone this woman keeps trying to sell me a tablet I didn't ask for and don't want. She even brought it out again at the end when she was ringing me up, saying it's only $50 and won't increase your monthly bill!" Yeah, I've heard that before lady NO THANKS. So she sells me a phone that she says with my new every two I can get a deal of $27.99 for the phone I wanted. Cool. Turns out I have signed up for a payment plan over 2 years for a $250 phone! Verizon. You've done it, when my shit expires with you, I'm gone, you've betrayed my trust and I see that others online feel the same way. Shame on you.

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Re: Predatory Sales Tactics - OVER IT
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Saddened to hear you had that kind of experience we absolutely want to make sure you are taken care of with full care and top notch service I sent you a private message in regards to this.

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Re: Predatory Sales Tactics - OVER IT
Líder Sénior

The New every two, was a catch phrase from 6 or more years ago. 

All customers now pay full retail for their phones on all carriers.

This $250 phone, is it really $250, or is that the old subsidized price on a 2 year contract?

THe payment program has been an eye opener for customers who don't realize an iPhone retails for $649 - $959.

Most smartphones start at $600.