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Porting to another provider



I am trying to port my number to another provider (alticemobile), but it gives me the following error "

You cannot transfer this number to Altice Mobile at this time.".

I have another number in the same plan that does not give this error. How can I figure out why is the transfer not possible?


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Re: Porting to another provider

Sr. Member

Contact the porting department at Altice mobile

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Re: Porting to another provider

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello gtrde, I am sorry to hear you port one line of service out to another provider. It would be sad to lose Let me find out what is causing the issue and see if I can help you stay with us. What problems are you having with your service? Can I help you stay with us? You have the option of calling us at customer service on your phone by dialing *611 or by sharing more details with us on the issues you are needing help.



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