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Ported Number and Brought Phone from another carrier and Verizon support is not fixing issues.


I have to say I've heard a lot of good things about Verizon. I've been with the same wireless carrier for 14 years but recently decided to switch to Verizon. The process has been a nightmare. We were told we could keep our Iphone 6 and our number. We completed the order process and got everything reset and ported over. That was 3 weeks ago. I immediately notified Verizon that we could not send MMS/picture messages unless it went through imessage which bypasses Verizon. Since then i've received many promises that they are looking into the issue and each time they promise to follow up within a certain amount of time 24-48 hours and every time they do not, and now I'm 3 weeks with MMS pictures. What do i do to get Verizon to fix this. I'm I reaching out to the wrong people for a resolution.

Verizon, if you are listening, do you plan to fix this? Feel free to message me and I'll happily PM you if possible through this system. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: Ported Number and Brought Phone from another carrier and Verizon support is not fixing issues.


This is a peer to peer forum. Unless someone comes along with a way to change the settings of the phone to connect properly to the network, you less likely to receive help directly from VZW.

I can say that your device was not previously certified by VZW to connect to the network so there may be issues and Verizon isn't necessarily responsible for fixing them as the device usually doesn't fall to Verizon. The device is purchased and maintained by the customer (like you and me). Apple has done well with making the iPhone with lots more bands than most other devices for seamless network switching but we are not at the point in the United Stated where phones are truly network unlocked for that. You may have to change some settings to properly connect to the VZW network. Should Verizon know and provide this information? Sure. Do they make it easy? No carrier does.