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Poor service


I live in a poor service area of Verizon's but you can go about a quarter of a mile from my home and the service improves some. I do have a Network Defender and it does help some in the house but it is not all that great. In my yard I don't have enough signal to make and receive calls.  The guy that lives next door can talk in his yard with no problem he is on a difference carrier. It is very frustrating to put up with poor signal in and out side of my home. Verizon sent a tower engineer here two years ago and he said there was not enough signal at my home in or out side to have reliable cell service here and told me to get a Network Defender which I did. Its not my phones I have had Motorola Droids and now have a Note 3 and a S4 and a tablet. Other Verizon customers have the same problem here to. I like all the phones and things that Verizon has to offer but the bottom line is they need to work when I need them not when I drive down the road. I am thinking about leaving Verizon they have had two years to fix the poor service issues here. New phones are coming out like the Note 3 and I may just port out to another carrier that has good service in my area. Smiley Sad

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