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Servicio al cliente de mala calidad

Ok,  where to start.  The rudeness, the lies or just the flat out Verizon  SUPERVISORS who just don't care.  I have never had such poor customer  service in my life!  I have been lied to, called a liar and have had the  worst experience one can have with any company.  This all started  several months ago when I had to get my fiance a new phone.  She had  lost her's and I didn't have insurance on her phone. My fault.  So, I  added a 3rd line (that I didn't need and that I pay for monthly) just to  get her a new phone.  Well, that new phone started giving her problems  right away. But, due to medical issues and a hospitalization (that I'm  not going to go into more detail on) I was unable to return the phone in  the 14 days.  So, pleading my case with a Verizon rep didn't get me any  where, so, I decided to speak with a supervisor to ask for help.  In  that conversation I got "How is that my problem?"  "You should have  returned the phone." "I don't believe that."  I even offered to fax over  proof of the hospitalization to show I wasn't lying.  PROOF! So, after  having dealt with that rude "Supervisor", I asked for her supervisor.  She said no.  NO!  She refused.  Said one could not speak to me, but  rather I would receive a call from her immediate supervisor in 24 to 48  hours.  It's been over 30 days.  Still waiting.  In that 30 days, myself  and my fiance have called in due to not hearing from that supervisor as  we were told.  Broken word on Verizon's part. Poor customer service on  Verizon's part.  So, I decided to try once more to call yesterday to get  the issue resolved and give Verizon one more chance. Hoping that after  being a LOYAL customer for well over 6 years on 2 separate accounts that  they would make this right.  The customer care rep I spoke with was  delightful. Even stated that she wanted to take ownership of my issues.   But, that to do so, she had to get me to tech support to warranty my  phone.  I accepted to to to tech to get the warranty replacement with  the expectation that things would be made right for the poor customer  experience that I had received over the last few months.  So, I get a  tech support agent on the phone, we do the warranty exchange and then he  thinks we are done.   Well, I ask what is Verizon going to do as a good  faith gesture for all of the extremely poor customer service, the  rudeness, the lies of supervisors that they will call me back?  He went  to his supervisor, they offered $40.  I said that was an insult.  They  then offered $60 and that if I wasn't happy with that they would place  it on my account anyhow and his supervisor would call me back in 30 to  45 min.  I said it was NOT acceptable and to have his supervisor call be  back in 30 to 45 min as promised and that if I didn't hear from his  supervisor, I would call back in.  Needless to say...never got that  call.  Lied to yet again.  So, I waited a few hours.  So, I called back  in yet again.  So, I got a customer care rep on the phone and asked what  the last notes had stated.  No mention that the supervisor was to call  me back.  Lies being covered up the the tech rep.  By this time, I'm  mad.  So I just ask for a supervisor.  This time I got Johnna << Badge # removed >> on  the phone.  Extremely rude and condescending person.  When I asked her  what she was going to do for all of the poor customer service that I had  received over the past few months, she basically said she wasn't going  to do a thing because you can't place a number on good customer service.   You're right. It can't.  Great customer service is worth more than any  amount of money.  But, poor customer service will cost a company lots  of money.  So, therefore, to make a situation right for a loyal  customer, one would think that Verizon as a whole would want to do what  is right for the customer to make them happy.  Once again, all I heard  from this "Supervisor" was "I can't" "I don't know" "That's not my  concern".  Really Verizon?  Is this the customer service you train your  supervisors to give?  Go back, pull all of my calls that I have had in  the last few months to Verizon. Now this Johnna << Badge # removed >> stated that her  supervisor "Karen" (she wouldn't give me more info that that) would call  me today.  Guess what.  I'm still waiting for that call.  One of my  lines of service's contracts will be up in August of 2013.  That is MY  number. I will be leaving Verizon if this is the customer service that  they feel is acceptable.  My other 2 lines of service, well, lets just  say the Early Termination fee's may just be worth dropping such a poor  service carrier.  Anyone who has had this type of service from Verizon  should write the office of the president at Verizon Center One Verizon  Way Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097 or call them at 908-559-2000.  I know I  will be doing just that.  This post will also be copied and posted on  my own personal page so Verizon can not remove it.  All of my friends  and family will know how poorly I have been treated.  They will pass it  on as well.  I will share this will all of my co-workers as well. And  they will pass it on as well.  great customer service keeps customers  loyal.  Poor customer service destroys companies.  A company is never  too large to provide great customer service.  Remember that.

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Re: Incorrect Information by Verizon Rep leads to High Overcharges

Asistencia al cliente

AZRiddle, I hope you're feeling better since being released from the hospital. Even as a big company, we understand that some life changes are unavoidable. I'm sorry to hear that your issue is has still not been addressed after several phone calls to our Customer Service Department. On behalf of our leadership team, I' eager to assist you and address all of your concerns. Please send a private message to me, Lasina_VZW with your account mobile number and I will personally call you. I'm standing by for you.

Please follow us on twitter @VZWSupport


Re: Poor customer service

Líder Sénior

To send a message to the rep, you need to follow her. She has to follow you too. Unfortunately, the rep did not offer her full ID to follow her. 

But here is a link to their page so you can follow her