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Poor Customer Service


Received terrible customer service an hour ago from the Verizon store in Lake Grove, NY. The associate who "helped" me was apathetic and rude, giving me two minutes of his time just to brush me off in an extremely patronizing manner after having me wait for half an hour, while a few feet away stood him and several other associates, all talking candidly about non-work related things. This negative experience was enough for me to start strongly considering not renewing my contract in January and switching the family to Sprint.

Every customer should count and be treated with patience and respect, not as though they are a waste of time, either due to appearances or age. Very disappointed.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

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The quality of service received is iffy from one place to the next. If a Verizon Wireless Corporate Store I simply would ask for the store manager. In todays society we hire people to wait on us, and even when you pay them minimal wage they don't really want to work. Its an entitlement world.

The younger people and I don't mean all of them are not trained properly, paid low wages, and if they do assist you it is quite possible they have no idea what they are doing. But some try.

In the store I use it is not too long a wait and I know the manager. I am not one to be put off. My wife tells me I am scary at times when I am out with her shopping. Ha ha Yes your way of speaking and body language play a huge part in the services you receive. I wonder if you got the problem resolved?

If not go to another location and try again.

Good Luck

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