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Placed 4 iphone6 preorders at midnight PT time SEP 12 - all cancelled


i placed 4 orders of iphone 6 on the launch day, SEP12 at midnight and got all the confirmation numbers and my credit card charged.

3 days later, i get an email ITS CANCELLED

I call the next minute, wait 1.5hours  on hold, they pick up, i explain what happened and they said not to worry about anything they just needed to verify my cell phone, so i did.

I decide to call in the evening to chec k on order and again hold time for 1.5 hours and they said, weird you order still shows cancelled but not to worry, we just needed to verify your shipping address since its different but you are still in line for friday shipping. Great I think.

On thursday, today i still havent got the tracking number, i pick up the phone and call again.... 2.5 hours this time for hold time and a rep picks up and says, "i am sorry your order is cancelled and there is nothing i can do.  I will fill out a form that states that we had issued and messed up to expidite the order.... ok i am done, do you have any questions."  I was in shock he didnt do anything and tried to hang up on me.

long story short after 1 hour on the phone with him he finally said i think it is still coming tomorrow but i don't know.... i had nothing else to do but hang up.

i am so pissed and i will make sure that verizon corporate knows about this. 

I did not just spend 1300$ with them and 450$ monthly payment for 2 years for them to treat me like this.

I will make sure to find the corporate and email an very long email to them.  if anyone wants to join, please feel free.ncelled

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