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Phone trade in? More like, we steal your phone from you.

I recently visited my local verizon store and was interested in trading in my phone to upgrade to the new iphone6. I was told that it was out of stock and that I could order one, which I did. At that time the associate told me that my old phone would completely cover the new one and that I wouldn't be paying anything. He looked at it and everything to confirm this.

The time came to go and pick up the new phone and another associate told me that I would have to mail in my old phone in order to get the rebate and that I WOULD have to pay for the new one out of pocket. He showed me the website where the process was taking place and showed me the estimate of $200 to cover my new  phone.

Well, the time came and I got my awesome refund gift card (that's another issue) for.....$36!!!!!

What the hell, verizon?!?!?!

You are liars and cheaters.

The "gift card" is only valid on verizon accessories and my bill. I can't even use it for other things. So basically you gave me no money for my iphone5 and then you're going to turn it around and refurb it and make a solid $100+ on it. Then, I am so graciously given "money" by you to purchase your services. YOU MADE OUT LIKE THIEVES ROBBING A BLIND MAN.

I could have sold my phone online for $200, but you made it sound so easy to do it with you that why should I go through the trouble of doing it myself.

I am so disappointed in your service that I will make sure to tell everyone about my experience and that T-Mobile would be a much better option than dealing with you. In fact, maybe I'll take advantage of T-mobile's promotion and have them buy out my contract with you for wireless and then switch tv and internet services.

You are a poor example of how a business should treat its customers.

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