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Phone time sets itself ahead 5 hours


Just started this week... Traveling on Route 1 in Foxboro, Mass. near/around Gillette Patriots Stadium each morning & evening my Motorola Droid Turbo on 4G sets its clock ahead exactly 5 hours. When it happens, I'll uncheck the Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone selections under Date & Time. Then recheck. Its works for a minute or two but will reset itself ahead 5 hours again until I am out of the area.  The fix only sticks if I do this (or reboot) when I am well out of the area.

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Re: Phone time sets itself ahead 5 hours


My Motorola Droid Turbo alarm was set for 5:30 a.m. (needed to prepare for an important meeting @ 8 a.m.) and it never went off this morning.  Although well rested, I awoke at 7:28 this morning and was late to the meeting.  I was in a frenzy getting to work but noticed once I got to work that my TIME was 2 Hours behind!!  I have never had this happen to me and it concerns me since I always rely on my cell alarm.  I will definitely get a backup alarm now but of all days this could happen, it had to be today???  I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

I went to settings and made sure nothing had changed... it was still set to Automatic date & time, Automatic time zone.