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Phone? ... Service?


         I'm new to the discussion boards on this Verizon website so this is a bit different but I hope you can understand what i'm trying to say.

     I live a little outside of a small town in Wisconsin where only selective phone services can get any reception and am looking for the right kind of cellphone. I am looking for a little help with choosing a phone because I used to go to a college in a town where there was service so I didn't need to worry very much about making sure I could get service but I had to move up north. I am actually clueless of what my next phone should be. I'm pretty sure it has to be 4G because my sister sometimes gets service around town but it's a touchpad kind of phone. I guess I wouldn't mind if I had a touchpad kind of phone but I would then like it to be a slide phone also. A slide phone that isn't sliding to a keyboard with letters but numbers instead and you would have 3 letters on each button along with one number. I looked around at different cellphones but haven't exactly found one that slides into a number kind of keyboard instead of a letter keyboard.

     My second question was that of the right service. Around my house, anyone who can receive service, usually can only receive text messages. Usually, any service obtained is through a 4G phone. I know I need unlimited text but I was wondering how many call minutes if I can't exactly get service. We've called Verizon multiple times in the past 3-4 years and they would say their putting up a tower but it doesn't seem like they will anytime soon so how many minutes should I get if I can't use my phone at work and not likely at home.


     Please let me know if you've ever had the same trouble or have any clue of what phone would be most efficient in my area.

                              Thank you for your time in reading this,

                     Sarah E.

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Re: Phone? ... Service?

Líder Sénior

What town do you live in in WI? I can check for towers and any pending ones. I know in NE WI, Element took over the Alltel service and they roam off of VZW. But VZW can not roam off of them.

As for which phone, that is the second question, you need to see who has usable service first. I know in the UP of MI where towers and service can be scarce, the cell companies tend to let you borrow a phone to see what service you have, if any  before committing.

Another option if you have broadband internet service, is to get an network extender for your place. It acts like a mini tower using your broadband connection to make the calls. But you would need a large data plan or better an unlimited plan. But the  units are not cheap.


Re: Phone? ... Service?


This may sound dumb but I hate saying where I live with my name and everything that goes on from that line because of all of the wonderful people out there but I just got an account on Verizon so i'm hoping that kind of stuff doesn't happen or isn't as likely as it is on facebook. myspace, or websites like that. I was going to try to email you Bludone on here instead of in this discussion board but I couldn't find out how or I might just be clicking on the wrong things on here.

Anyway, I live in Park Falls, WI. Verizon has told many people who live by me 5 miles outside of town, that they were putting up new towers every year, for the last 2-3 years. I just got a wireless unit thing from Hue's Net for internet and it works for some people as far as they can send and receive text messages but calls are still not comming in. It's like a little satelite dish this and I really have no clue what exactly to say about it other than my laptop is wireless with it. My friend took care of it so like I said, clueless and she moved to Madison so I didn't want to trouble her.

Do you know of any 4G phone that has number buttons with letters you can press on it because pressing little buttons on a roll out keyboard bugs the living crap out of me and not just a touch screen. Im not so-call old fashioned, it just bugs be and I cant find a cellphone thats 4G without a little keybooard.

Thanks for your answer.