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Parental/Usage Controls


I currently have and am paying for usage controls enabled on my son's phone. However,these usage controls only allow me to block X number (25, I think) of phone numbers, and limit his text messaging capabilities.  What I need is the ability to shut his phone down EXCEPT for a limited number of people to whom I have provided permission for him to call/text and to call/text him.


Am I mis-informed, or does this seemingly more simple option not exist?


Muchas gracias.

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Re: Parental/Usage Controls


The only thing I could think of doing would be to actually set the restrictions on the phone itself.  While usage controls can make it so only a specific number of users can call/text your son, there is a limit (as you stated).  Depending on what model phone your son has, there may be a feature under the security menu to enable call restrictions.  You can restrict all calls/messages, or you can set it so that only people in his phonebook/contact list can contact him.

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Re: Parental/Usage Controls


You may be able to restrict calls to the numbers in the phone's contact list. Some phones do this and some do not.


If your phone has this feature it will be under the security options. These are usually under the Tools and Settings menu. To change the security options you will need to know the phone's security code. Unless you or your child have changed the security code it is the last four (4) numbers of the phone's phone number.


When you enter numbers in the contact list be sure to enter the entire 10-digit number. This will help to ensure that your child can call those numbers without any problems.



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Re: Parental/Usage Controls


Hola opuleez,


You can do exaclty what you wished using Usage Controls.


Set Time Restrictions to all the time.



Within any that Time Restriction, indicate the numbers you wish them to be able to call exlusively, within your Trusted Numbers.


Then your child can only communicate with those numbers and no one else.


You can set up to 10 restricted time periods for each child on Usage Controls. It will restrict the user from calling, sending or receiving messages (including Mobile IM), from all numbers except those designated as Trusted Numbers during Time Restrictions.




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