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Overage Charges ***HELP***


     I would like to speak to someone regarding a serious dispute that needs to be handled immediately.  This is regarding overages charges to my account in the amount exceeding $3,000.  These charges in question are due to "data overages".  Charges in dispute are for the months of September 2013 - October 2013.  During these months I was charged for 231.34 gigs of data totally in an amount of $3,470. I have been a customer with Verizon since November 8, 2002 (under husband), my average monthly bill is $350.00 and my average data usage is 9.8-14 gigs.  I have six devices which includes 3 phones and 3 pads and Hotspot.  My household consist of 1 adult and 2 children.

During the months in questions, I received text messages on my phone stating I was getting close to my data allotment.  These messages quickly changed to "you have used 100% of "amount allotted". Messages would pop up throughout the night on my phone and both my kids.  When the messages continued to come, I called Customer Service for an explanation and their suggestion - "increase my data to 50 gigs".  I went with their suggestion until I got the October's bill which again was high in data usage.

I had my kids turn off their Wi-Fi and made sure they were connected to Wi-Fi (Cox) inside the house.  The problem continued to get worse and one day my phone was interrupted.  When I called customer service they said it was a precaution that happened due to high data usage. Although, I was not comfortable with the charges or agreed with them, I made arrangements to pay bill via Financial Services Retention group (thinking it was my kids using this data), and my services were restored.  My husband passed away on December 31, 2012 and now as a single parent with one income, these charges were unbelievable and payments were going to be difficult to make, but I needed my phones restored. On October 18, 2013, I was at an event for my daughter, and another text message arrived on my phone about data usage. Frustrated, I called Verizon and was passed on to Tech Support and was surprised when I was told the data in question was not coming from my kids phone but the main number ending in 6777 which is my number.

     Shocked is all I could say.  The representative started a trouble ticket and concluded that my phone had hardware issues and was faulty and would need to be replaced.  I spent 2 hours that night on phone with another Tech rep, trying to back up data on my phone but was unsuccessful.  My calls were transferred to my home phone and on October 19, 2013, I was told to take the damaged phone to a corporate store and that they would order a replacement, which I received 5 days later.

     During this time my account, which now totaled over $2,900 after my payment of $750, was placed on hold pending outcome of investigation.  I had spoken to over 10 reps via Tech Support, Customer Service, Financial Service and Retention and thought account was being credited as told to me by supervisor (Keisha).  Unfortunately, this was not the case, upon checking my account online, instead of decreasing it increased to $3400.  Irritated is an understatement to describe how I felt and still feel currently.

     I immediately called, was bounced from dept. to dept. until I was able to speak to another supervisor (Nancy).  She went over my account for the 10th time, gave me her email, put my account on hold, sent account over for investigation and told me should would get back to me by Thursday, October 31, 2013, with results.  On Friday, November 1, 2013, I received voicemail from her and was furious with her response, she never mentioned the credit but summarized what I already told her about account.  When I called customer service the next morning, the hold was removed from my account and there were no mention of any type of credits.  

Once again I was transferred back and forth from Customer Service to Financial Service, my last contact being with Nathaniel who told me his supervisor Destiny would call me back, but never did.

     As of November 4, 2013, I have had enough of your Verizon's customer service.  My account has been document by numerous reps but as of today, nothing has been done. I spoke to Steven (supervisor), who not only took the time to look over account and notes, but contacted Tech Support and Financial services.  He filed a Diamond Ticket and will be monitoring my account to assured it is properly credited. (I ended up getting a $500 credit, not nearly correct).

     Verizon's customer service department needs changing.  Poor customer service hurts businesses and if this is something Verizon cares about, then this matter should be worth looking into.  This is a serious matter that does not need to be ignored. I will give Steven the time to do what he promise, but please don't disregard this post.       Currently, I have paid a total of $1400.00 and still have a balance of $2900. There is no end in sight, even though I was told by 4 supervisors that I would receive a FULL CREDIT.  I have requested to have this sent to the CEO of Verizon but my request has been held up in the Executive Office by the the Executive Assistant who refuses to pass this along. So now I am trying the community. Someone please help. I cannot afford to pay for this and I don't believe that these overages were ever a legit charge. Tech support told me that there was something wrong with my phone and I think that right there should be proof enough that these charges are bogus. On top of that, there are the numerous periods of time that I was completely out of a phone because of what they told me to do. I have been dealing with this for a LONG TIME, and I'm just tired of it. Please help.



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Re: Overage Charges ***HELP***

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First this is customer to customer forum not customer service. Second you really need to shorten your issue up your post is WAY too long and the print is really small. No one will want to read all that especially with the small font. I didn't get why you had a hotspot when you had cable internet through Cox. It's obvious you were connecting to that instead of your cable internet. Not sure how that is Verizon's fault.