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Old Responder discount with new plans


I’m trying currently understand these Verizon plans in relation to my discounts.


I currently have 2 lines started February 2019. One is go unlimited and the other is above unlimited. I receive a 35$/month discount for being a first responder. 


I see on the new verizon plans starting this month the responder discounts have been reduced. It does state in parts of the website that I will be grandfathered with my current discount bracket, but it doesn't mention switching plans.


basically I wan to know if I can switch to one of these newly released plan, and retain my 35$ discount from my old plans, or the “grandfather” discount is only if I stay on above / go unlimited 

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Re: Old Responder discount with new plans


You are grandfathered in as long as you don't change your plans. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Re: Old Responder discount with new plans

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Your legacy profile stays on file. If you switched to the new plans, you retain the higher discounts. It's only customers who applied for the discount on 8/5 or later that get the lesser discount.

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Re: Old Responder discount with new plans


So what I had to do, according to the customer service rep on chat, was to keep one line on the go unlimited plan. I switched the other 2 to play more. For 10 dollars more a month I got be hotspot, unthrottled data, and 2 apple music accounts. ive been told by actual customers on chat that I would keep the discount no matter what but I dont want to chance loseing 40 bucks a month if I dont have to. 

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