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Non-Returned Device Fee for Former Employee of VZW



I was employed with Verizon Wireless until May 30, 2015. Now, that was nearly two months ago. Recently, I have received a bill for the BEST Device I used while employed for not being returned. After contacting my former store (they still have not called back) and calling into customer service, I have had no luck to resolve the issue. One of the main reasons the issue can't be resolved is that fact that everybody I spoke with at customer service cannot access the account because it's an employee number/device and the number is disconnected.

My biggest issue here is why am I liable for the BEST device given to me when, on the last day of employment at Verizon Wireless you are required per company policy to surrender your ID Badge and BEST device to your supervisor? I couldn't receive a tracking number because the device wasn't shipped the day I left. When I called my old location, I spoke with the inventory specialist who said they would look at the paperwork and if they shipped the device themselves, they always right down the tracking number. There was no tracking number written which is evidence of a flaw in record retention of the company in my eyes. 

Now, I have a bill laying here for $399.99 which I don't have the income to pay by July 28th. I thought my separation from the company was positive and I definitely would refer others to this company if it aligns with their career goals but this discrepancy has definitely swayed my opinion and has left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Re: Non-Returned Device Fee for Former Employee of VZW

Líder Sénior

Sounds like an issue best left to direct supervisors and any other inside track contacts you may have as a former employee.  I don't know, maybe even your HR rep, or even payroll might have some sway.  Most people, when they leave a company where they have to turn in supplies, badges, equipment, what have you, and anything dealing with a chargeable value can usually go straight to the supervisor the items were returned to, since they were the last person after you to handle the items.