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No services on my phone. WTH?


My phone very suddenly no longer have phone capabilities.  I lost all data services yesterday morning, now I can't call, text or anything that any basic phone should do.  I got this Samsung G3 one week ago and everything was great until yesterday.  I cannot express in words how frustrating this is.  Let's get this fixed, shall we?

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Re: No services on my phone.  WTH?

Asistencia al cliente

I'm sorry to learn of the service issues you are experiencing tlloydd! Let's explore options to resolve this service issue pronto! What is your ZIP code and software version? Are you able to get service in other areas? Let's reset the connection to the network for now and test: power off>remove SIM card for one minute>insert SIM card>power on. I look forward to your answers to assist you further.

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