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No service for 7 days


I do not have any service anymore since AT&T shut off Verizon in my area of Montana. It has been 7 days now with no service. I know since very few people live where i do Verizon will not get good service if any again. Thought why do i keep getting the run around. If i can't get service at all again shouldn't the early termination fee be waved. Since it was Verizon that didn't even notify me of the change? Thank you

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Re: No service for 7 days


Oh man, it sounds like you got screwed, and I didn't hear of the CDMA shutdown on the AT&T untill after it happened either.  I hope you get some sort of compensation, although its more like verizon to offer you a network extender that uses your home internet connection to create a verizon signal. Kinda of like using your own internet connection to create another slower internet connection with voice and text, not worth it to me.  Hope all works out 

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