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No service at home?


My husband and I were with Straight Talk for several years. We just recently moved and we were not getting service where we moved to. We called them, argued with them many times over a month's period of time and they kept telling us that we got excellent service at our home address. I told them they were full of it and we didn't get ANY service unless we were standing out in the middle of our yard or sitting on the porch getting attacked by all sorts of creatures, which is very unpleasant when its gnats and mosquitos! Beetles, not so bad, frogs, not so bad. Anyways...we finally were able to get them to send us SIM cards for the area we moved to...still no difference. My husband uses his phone for work so at least his needed to work at home...We finally decided after getting tired of calling Straight Talk to look for another carrier. We were going to go to Cricket, but the reviews were terrible so we didn't want to waste the money. I came across Verizon, whom I prefer as a carrier anyway, and saw that it was just $10 more per line/mo. for unlimited data, text, and voice. I have 3 lines total, so this isn't that bad considering Verizon is EVERYWHERE and has an excellent reputation. Verizon was my first ever cell phone carrier when I was 15...I love moving on...I activated our phones last night (7/17/18) and was on the phone with customer support for 45 minutes. 10 minutes of that time was my fault because on the activation of the final phone, I was not ready and had to contact Straight Talk to get the account number and PIN. But I am not complaining because the lady I spoke with was EXTREMELY nice and answered all my questions while we were waiting on the account number. No worries here. The phones were already active, I found out after I called. But I still needed to transfer the numbers from our Straight Talk phones over to the Verizon phones. Well, I go through all this mess..actually takes over an hour because I fought with trying to do it all on the laptop at first but found out there were broken links on the VZW website Smiley Sad ...and I discover my husband's phone still does not get much reception. It gets reception in some parts of the home, it's only 1 bar though. The main spot it does not get service is in our bedroom..but he gets afterhour calls so this is the main room it needs to work in. We already have a signal booster. It's not a Verizon booster though. It's just a cheap one that was ordered off of Amazon. Will it work for the Verizon phones? Do I need to register it with Verizon? Is there anything else I can do to better at least his signal throughout our home for the time being until we are able to get internet installed and he can use wifi calling/text then?

We also were not getting service at our job sites with Straight Talk but now we get at least 3 bars of service with Verizon.

I want to add that I have tried to switch the network types from Global to LTE/GSM/UMTS and from Global to LTE/CDMA and I see no difference really, but do these options make a difference? I know Global is mainly for if you travel alot but people were saying it is best to leave your phone on this setting..What should I do here?


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Re: No service at home?

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First and foremost, welcome to the Verizon family TMHTLH1. I certainly understand the importance of having reliable service at your home. While we cannot guarantee service indoors due to a number of factors outside of our control, we do offer some solutions to improve your indoor coverage like Wi-Fi calling. I hope that you are able to take advantage of this feature as soon as you're able to get home internet service. We can also review network extender options once you have your home internet installed.

In the interim, you can definitely use a 3rd party booster, and it does need to be registered. You can learn more about registering your booster here:

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